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Vertical Dispatch or TalkPath Voice Mail
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     The way incoming calls are handled can make or break a growing business. You need to ensure that calls are correctly routed and messages are reliably delivered. You need to know that callers can get through during busy times and off hours. You understand that hiring an operator or receptionist to answer the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week would cost a small fortune. You realize you need a voice messaging system, and you want a system that is fully featured yet affordably priced. Well the Vertical Dispatch is the answer!

Compact, Economical

     Vodavi Dispatch is a self-contained voice processing system that delivers large capability in a compact and economical package. With two to eight ports, a minimum of 100 hours of storage time and an unlimited number of menus and voice mailboxes, Dispatch is the perfect choice for the small- to mid-sized organization. Plus, Dispatch can grow as your needs grow - the system can start as small as two ports and expand up to 8 ports.

Simple, Versatile Voice Mail

     Custom call-routing lets you tailor options and menus to your site. Users can easily customize personal greetings to convey availability based on time of day, day of week, or as-needed. And, up to 100 system-wide distribution lists can be set up by the administrator, plus users can program up to nine personal distribution lists per mailbox.

Automated Attendant

     Dispatch can manage communications without a live operator. Dispatch will greet callers with an introduction, ask them to enter an extension or select from options, and even ask for the caller's name before transferring so the recipient can screen the call. Dispatch can park a call in a hold location and announce the call over your in-house paging system. Dispatch can also inform a caller to a busy station where they are located in the station's queue ("third in line"). Plus, Dispatch can provide frequently requested information such as directions to your facility.

Easy Administration

     Dispatch's Windows-based set up screen makes installation and administration a snap from a laptop computer, or programming can be done from a telephone set, even from an off-site location. With the "Quick Pick" list, integration with several popular telephone systems is easily implemented. Mailboxes, messages waiting strings, transfer strings, and time of day greetings are automatically implemented.

STARPLUS Dispatch Highlights

  • Automated attendant for operator free call answering and transfer
  • Two, four, six, or eight ports
  • Easy to upgrade in two-port increments
  • Automatic configuration of integration with common telephone systems
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
  • 100 hours of storage
  • System set up and administration via a telephone set or laptop PC
  • Windows-based setup and database administration software
  • Automatic Fax Detection routes incoming fax to fax extension
  • Park and Page option announces unanswered calls over in-house paging system
  • Call Queuing informs callers of their location in a queue
  • Custom call routing allows creation of site-specific menus
  • Request extensions with convenient dial-by-name feature
  • Flag messages with special delivery options

Dispatch Administrative Conveniences

  • Automated attendant for operator-free call reception and transfer on all or selected lines and times
  • System administration by telephone and laptop PC
  • Windows-based GUI Administration Module
  • Audiotex for automated delivery of frequently requested information
  • Automatically set up most popular telephone systems with Quick Pick list
  • Unlimited number of menus available
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
  • Minimum of 100 hours of voice storage
  • Lower-port configurations can be upgraded at any time without a complete re-installation
  • Remote administration
  • Multiple time-of-day configurations for each class of service, mailbox, menu, or extension
  • Up to 100 system distribution lists
  • Administrator can log into any mailbox to perform maintenance
  • Cascade mailbox and paging (automatically send a copy of received messages to other mailboxes)
  • Broadcast messages to all mailboxes
  • Fax detect and transfer
  • Park and page
  • Set time and date
  • Recover deleted messages
  • General delivery mailbox
  • Print or view system administration reports
  • Access code reset
  • Add/delete mailboxes

Dispatch User Conveniences

  • First-time user tutorial for easy mailbox setup
  • Password protection
  • Multiple messaging options including private, urgent, future delivery, and confirmation receipt
  • Messages can be played faster, slower, louder, softer, or skipped
  • Each message can either be replayed, saved, deleted, forwarded or replied to with annotation
  • Date/time stamp and sending mailbox ID on every message
  • Caller ID information supplied with each call - Available on the Digital Dispatch only
  • Multiple greetings per mailbox, including standard, temporary, busy, and time-sensitive
  • Up to nine personal distribution lists per mailbox
  • Confirmation on message deletion
  • Call screening, with calling party name played to mailbox owner who can then accept, reject, or forward the call to another extension
  • Address by name or mailbox number
  • Re-record message option
  • Unheard message reminder
  • End of recording warning
  • Return to personal operator
  • Delete sent message if unheard

Dispatch Technical Specifications

  • Completely self contained unit contained in a 2 5/8" x 10" x 13 1/2" housing
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Channel activity monitor LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes)
  • Up to 8 phone jacks for telephone system interface
  • Serial port for laptop PC administration
  • External power supply
  • Time and date programmable via phone or PC (Personal Computer)

Dispatch Purchase Options

  • 2, 4, 6 or 8 ports
  • Quick Reference Cards and User Guides
  • Port upgrade kit

Starplus Dispatch Features and Benefits

Feature Application Benefit
Windows Database Administration Laptop administration program is a Windows-based software program for set-up and maintaining the system. Only one floppy diskette is involved; compatible with Windows 3.1/95/NT. Familiar icons in Windows environment allow point-and-click instructions for quicker installs.
System Scalability System covers 2- to 8-port applications; upgrades are easily added to expand the unit to capacity. Small businesses can easily accommodate growth to 8 ports without a loss of initial investment.
Auto Integration System menu can automatically configure itself for integration with popular (60+) telephone systems. Eliminates the guesswork and reduces the administration time involved when installing the system behind a Vodavi or non-Vodavi telephone system.
FAX Detection After reaching the Auto Attendant, an incoming fax may be pre-routed to a designated fax extension. Reduces the need for a separate inbound fax line in a small office environment; faxes go through on initial attempt without interruption.
Park and Page When a call arrives at an unanswered station, an option is presented to the caller which will announce the name over the in-house paging system. Critical calls are handled as mobile staff can be located quickly and efficiently.
Call Queuing System will announce to incoming callers where they are positioned ("third in line") to a busy station. Presents time-saving information to clients who may not be able to hold.
Custom Call Routing Powerful system flexibility allows call routing to be created on a per-site basis, customized to the customer's needs. ("Sales press 1, Service press 2, or directly dial extension...") Caller input routes the calls rather than an operator; call flow is based on customer-specific applications.
Dial by Name Incoming callers can request specific extensions or use the Dial by Name capability to reach an unknown mailbox. User-friendly assistance offered to potential new clients; prompts for forgotten extension numbers.
Unlimited Mailboxes Based on the individual numbering plan, the number of system mailboxes offers complete flexibility for standard, guest, and bulletin board mailboxes. Accommodates expanding needs of call-intensive businesses.
Send Options System supports a variety of message options in marking calls confidential/urgent/future delivery. Provides useful options to external and internal callers in appropriately processing voice communication.

Features may vary based on the capabilities of the telephone system supporting STARPLUS Dispatch.
Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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