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Starplus Digital Systems
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     Vodavi Starplus Digital Telephone Systems come in 4 different size KSU (Key Service Unit) cabinets.The 6-12 supports up to 6 incoming lines and 12 telephone stations.  The 14-28 supports applications requiring up to 14 lines and 28 stations.  The 28-56 is designed for larger applications requiring up to 28 lines and 56 stations.  And the 48-96 was expanded to support up to 96 lines and 120 stations.  Single line telephone ports provide interface for industry standard telephones as well as answering machines, fax machines, modems, off premise extensions and voice mail systems. 

     Starplus Digital Key Telephones are available in 3 models: Basic, Enhanced and Executive.  The Basic model has 14 buttons for accessing features and CO (Central Office) incoming lines.  The Enhanced and Executive models provide Full Speakerphone operation and include 34 buttons for accessing features and CO Lines.  The Executive model has all the capabilities of the Enhanced model plus a 48 character LCD display.  All the Starplus Digital telephones are available in four designer colors: Charcoal Gray (Black), Light Gray, Burgundy, and Off-White.

Key Benefits 

  • Many sophisticated features are standard for Starplus Digital Systems.  Features like Attendant Recall, One Touch Call Transfer, and Station Hunt Groups are fully programmable to provide customized call processing.  Flexible Button Programming and Station Speed Dial are user programmable which offer each system user personal customization.  Name in Display, Message Waiting, Call Forwarding, Camp-On, and Conference improve station user efficiency.  
  • Off Hook Voice Over  - With Off Hook Voice Over (OHVO), you can communicate with an inside party that is either on a call or using the speaker phone, without interrupting the outside party. A private voice reply can be sent by toggling the Mute button.
  • STARPLUS H-T-P switch - The STARPLUS H-T-P switch allows station users to selectively receive internal calls hands free (two-way), with a tone signal or in Privacy Mode (call announce only).
  • DISA - With DISA (Direct Inward System Access), callers can dial a station directly from an outside line, eliminating the need to be transferred from an attendant. In other words, authorized system users can call in from any touch-tone telephone and access the system’s features, outgoing lines or internal telephone stations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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