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Vertical Pathfinder Voice Mail
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     The way incoming calls are handled can make or break a growing business. You need to ensure that calls are correctly routed and messages are reliably delivered. You need to know that callers can get through during busy times and off hours. You understand that hiring an operator or receptionist to answer the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week would cost a small fortune. You realize you need a voice messaging system, and you want a system that is fully featured yet affordably priced. Well the Vodavi Pathfinder is the answer!

Automated Attendant

      Pathfinder can manage communications without a live operator. The Pathfinder will greet callers with an introduction, ask them to enter an extension or select from options, and even ask for the caller's name before transferring so the recipient can screen the call. The Pathfinder can park a call in a hold location and announce the call over your in-house paging system. The Pathfinder can also inform a caller to a busy station where they are located in the station's queue ("third in line"). Plus, the Pathfinder can provide frequently requested information such as directions to your facility.

Pathfinder Highlights

  • Automated attendant for operator free call answering and transfer
  • Four to 48 port configurations
  • Easy to upgrade in four-port increments
  • Automatic configuration for integration with many different telephone systems
  • Unlimited number of menus available
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
  • 100 or more hours of storage based on the size of the hard drive
  • System set up and administration via a telephone set or PC
  • Remote administration
  • Windows-based setup and administration
  • Automatic Fax Detection routes incoming fax to fax extension
  • Broadcast messages to all mailboxes
  • Park and Page option announces unanswered calls over in-house paging system
  • Call Queuing informs callers of their location in a queue
  • Custom call routing allows creation of site-specific menus
  • Request extensions with convenient dial-by-name feature
  • Flag messages with special delivery options such as urgent or confidential
  • Optional: Desktop Mailbox Editing – web-based control of personal mailbox settings

Pathfinder User Conveniences

  • First-time user tutorial for easy mailbox setup
  • Password protection
  • Multiple messaging options including private, urgent, future delivery, and confirmation receipt
  • Messages can be played faster, slower, louder, softer, or skipped
  • Each message can either be replayed, saved, deleted, forwarded or replied to with annotation
  • Automatic date/time stamp and sending mailbox ID on every message
  • Multiple greetings per mailbox, including standard, temporary, busy, and time-sensitive
  • Up to nine personal distribution lists per mailbox
  • Confirmation on message deletion
  • Call screening, with calling party name played to mailbox owner who can then accept, reject, or forward the call to another extension
  • Address by name or mailbox number
  • Re-record message option
  • Unheard message reminder
  • End of recording warning
  • Return to personal operator
  • Delete sent message if unheard
  • Caller ID with the Digital Pathfnder


      Pathfinder Analog, Pathfinder Digital and PathFinderIP all reside on a PC or server running Windows XP® Professional.  A complete turnkey system is available. There are no special telephony interface boards required. Fax is supported through the use of modems. The Pathfinder IS (In-Skin) is an internal voice processing board that can be installed inside your XTS or XTSc phone system KSU (Key Service Unit).

Optional Modules

  • OneLook™ Unified Messaging with Desktop Call Control
  • ChalkTalk
  • Fax
  • Text-to-Speech e-mail reading
  • Networking multiple voice mail systems with VPIM

OneLookTM Unified Messaging
OneLookTM Unified messaging allows all messages – voice, e-mail, and faxes, to be received in one convenient location, a user’s e-mail inbox. PathFinderIP uses standard email protocols (POP3, SMTP and IMAP4) to integrate with email applications, including Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

Desktop Call Control (DCC)
Desktop Call Control is a powerful tool that enables users to manage incoming PathFinderIP call from their desktop PC prior to answering the call.

ChalkTalk is an automated information system specially designed for elementary, secondary and high schools. ChalkTalk is an optional module for PathFinderIP that offers features that are invaluable to schools, such as homework hotline, substitute teacher locator, absentee student notification and more. ChalkTalk is not limited to school environments. Any business requiring automated outbound calling can increase productivity by using ChalkTalk.

Text-to-Speech Email Reading
Perfect for the traveling business person or mobile workforce, PathFinderIP can be called upon to read e-mails over the telephone.

VPIM Networking
Messages can be forwarded to mailboxes on other PathFinderIP systems in the network using Voice Protocol for Internet Mail (VPIM).

Pathfinder features may vary depending on which Pathfinder Voice Mail system you chose. Features may also vary based on the capabilities of the telephone system supporting the Pathfinder. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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